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Our Mission
To be the premier source of wellsite information to the oil and gas community, from well planning to workover. To provide that data in the form of summary reports and real-time graphics via a secure Internet connection.

With myWells.com, all your well data is available at your fingertips, all that is required is a computer, personal digital assistant, or other electronic device capable of communicating with the Internet!

"Our goal is to collect and distribute a complete set of wellsite data in a consistent and efficient framework". myWells.com accomplishes this goal with its one-stop location for viewing all of your wellsite information: from operator and contractor daily report information to real-time drilling instrumentation logs and daily mud logs.

With myWells.com all your well data is easily accessible in a user friendly format. Whether your well was logged three weeks ago or three months ago, all your data is equally accessible. To gain immediate access to your data, log in using any Internet capable device. You can be anywhere in the world: from a beach in Bermuda, your desk at the office, or from the comfort of your own home.


  • Convenient one-stop viewing of Electronic Tour Sheets, Drilling Logs and Mud Logs.
  • Easy to use interface, created to work with even the slowest data connection.
  • Plotting capability for x/y graphs, drilling logs and mud logs.
  • Querying capabilities for your own wells.
  • Secure user access overseen by your company representative.

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